Center piece from old book

Nov 23rd

How about using a book you no longer need/want to make a beautiful center piece for your table.  Display old photos or Christmas messages, or perhaps use it to display messages and photos for your guests to read and look at at your wedding reception?  The folding part is easy – now just what will you display?!

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Just fold each page in half

It really is simple – take one book, the more pages the ‘tighter’ it will hold your treasures, but of course the longer it will take – and then simply fold each page in half to create a fan!

Lovely display for old photos



Just had a message from Joanne “Made mine and it really did only take the same lenght of time as it does to drink a cuppa!”……and here is her creation!  Brilliant!  Anymore?

Handmade by Joanne!


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