Creating letter stencils with Cricut Design Space

Feb 23rd

If you want to make a stencil with Cricut Design Space, you will need to make sure any ‘closed’ letters are ‘opened’, otherwise, when your machine cuts, it will cut a complete circle/hole and your letter won’t hold together making the stencilled letter difficult to read.

Look at the letter P here, remember that the machine will cut around the grey areas.  It will cut:

  • Around the rectangle
  • Around each letter
  • Around each ‘closed circle’ part of the letter

This means that the letter P, will have no centre when the cutting is finished and will not hold together.

It is relatively easy to make sure your letter will cut correctly and hold together, by using the Slice feature in Design Space.  It can be a bit time consuming, but worth it!  See image below for an explanation on how you can do this with any letter of your choosing as long as the letter is not too fancy!

When I cut stencils, I use OHP transparencies as these are relatively cheap, and the setting on the machine as Custom/Chipboard Light 0.55mm

Hope this helps and that I have explained it clearly enough!!

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