More Cricut sticky lessons

Feb 27th

After 4 unsuccessful stencil cuts, I struggled to work out just what was going wrong! The transparency sheet I was using, was ripping, snagging, pulling…… At first I wondered if I had chosen a font that was too intricate, but even with a plainer font the problems continued.  And I had already cut a few stencils using this method quite successfully…….. My first thought was that the blade needed changing. Then I thought about the mat, it wasn’t very sticky, so maybe the problem was that the transparency was lifting as it cut? I had a spare mat, so changed over and boom, first cut and perfection!

Lessons learned today:
The blade is not always the culprit
The mat plays a huge roll in accurate cuts
Keep the mat clean and dust free, lint roller helps with this and definitely scrap off any residue of your last cut!
Don’t ditch the mat!
Always have a spare mat for emergencies, because when you are on a roll, it can be very annoying!

I have washed the old mat in soapy water and given it a little scrub with an old toothbrush.  I was suprised how much ‘dirt, fluff and bits’ came off.  When it’s dry I am going to re-stick it with Zig 2 way glue, this stuff:

This was a tip that I read about over on Canary Street Crafts, but I am waiting for mine to arrive!  When it has and I have done my re-stick I will then try the exact same stencil with the same settings and let you know the results!

In the meantime, new mat and back to work!

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