Pom Pom Addiction

Jan 26th
pom pom

Do I have an addiction?

I have just bought a couple – well four – Clover Pom Pom makers.   I love them!  I honestly think that perhaps I am additcted to making pom poms now.  Gone are the old style cardboard circles that take forever to wind and fill and instead, in just one night and a couple of good films, I have a bowl full of pink and fluffy pom poms!  This lovely soft and squishy collection is going to make up two garlands for a photo shoot prop.  Next on the agenda? A bowl full of blue and fluffy pom poms!

I used the 21/2 inch for these poms poms – a good size to use for pom pom garlands – you can find the pom pom makers on Amazon – Pom-Pom Maker Large-2/Pkg 2-1/2″ & 3-3/8″

I wanted these before Christmas, but everywhere was out of stock, but they are back in now, so I bought while the going was good!

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