Thankless work

I went to the supermarket today and noticed just how stressed out the staff on the tills were. They looked exhausted and really stressed. I asked the young girl how she was feeling, and she explained that so many customers were complaining and giving her a hard time about the lack of stock or the limits on purchases. As she explained, it wasn’t her fault, she was just following the stores guidelines. I felt so sorry for her and realised that she was in a hopeless position. She was doing her job, to the best of her ability, taking abuse for no good reason and putting herself in a vulnerable position dealing with people, stock, money etc. I decided that I would make some ‘thank you cards’, print them off and keep them in my purse, and as I was out and about (while I still can of course), I can at least hand them out and try and make all those hard working people realise that many of use really appreciate all that they are doing, even though we are sometimes too busy and too wrapped up in our little world and problems, that we forget to let them know. Please download and print your own set and spread a little gratitude.

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Mood shifts

While the news just seems to much some days, it is difficult to decide what mood I am in. Sometimes I feel really positive and quite happy with my lot and then remember the cloud that is hanging over everyone. I might be dancing between both moods at the moment, but at least that means I am spending at least some time under the sunshine and that is a positive thing. As my mum used to tell me,

”As sure as God sent little apples, no matter what happens, the sun will shine and the birds will sing.’

Sally Ann’s Mum!

Free get strong soon card

I needed a card to send to the lady who runs the dog training classes I attend. Really don’t know where I would be without her help! My dog might only be small, but blimey he’s mighty! She has been in hospital recently and I knew she wouldn’t really appreciate a typical ‘get well’ card, so designed this for her. If you know someone who would appreciate a get well card with a difference, please feel free to download this one!

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My daughter has two young children, one is crawling and also enjoys the feeling of ANYTHING in her mouth! Nightmare, when the other is 5 and has every possible small thing that she could possible own, and likes to have easy access to them (in other words, not keen on putting them away!) She also chats non-stop and is full of enthusiasm for life (the kind that I wish so much I still had!). Yesterday my daughter said that she felt that sometimes, life was like swimming through treacle. So in her honour……..

Bad hair day

Why is it, when you go to the hairdressers you know deep down that your hair will never look like that once you have washed it! I watched, learned, listened to the method for drying and styling my new hair style…really I did! I followed all the instructions, blow here, dry here, rub this in here….it will be easy, she said… I am quite sure that for her it was, for me, not so easy! The experience prompted me to draw this!

Prints for Mothers Day

Please feel free to download and use these A4 Prints to give to your mum, nanny, grandma on Mothers Day. You could use the pdf to print off and frame or maybe as a letter template to post to her and list all the things that she means to you. Btw, if you call your leading lady something totally different (polite of course) let me know in the comments and I will do my best to upload additional prints.

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I am busy with so much crafting and too many hobbies to count! Todays task, to complete the prints I have been working on. I hope you like them. I have used Fresco on the iPad to draw and plan the prints, then exported them into Photoshop to manipulate and complete. There has been a huge learning curve along the way, but I get closer everyday! Learning keeps my mind active!