Free Thank You Cards

I went to the supermarket today and noticed just how stressed out the staff on the tills were. They looked exhausted and really stressed. I asked the young girl how she was feeling, and she explained that so many customers were complaining and giving her a hard time about the lack of stock or the limits on purchases. As she explained, it wasn’t her fault, she was just following the stores guidelines. I felt so sorry for her and realised that she was in a hopeless position. She was doing her job, to the best of her ability, taking abuse for no good reason and putting herself in a vulnerable position dealing with people, stock, money etc. I decided that I would make some ‘thank you cards’, print them off and keep them in my purse, and as I was out and about (while I still can of course), I can at least hand them out and try and make all those hard working people realise that many of use really appreciate all that they are doing, even though we are sometimes too busy and too wrapped up in our little world and problems, that we forget to let them know. Please download and print your own set and spread a little gratitude.

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